Loose is a non-binary mum with a career that has spanned three main areas - performing as a fool, building communities and as a play expert. 


Loose was predominantly working as a freelance performer (nightlife/cabaret/comedy) and theatre-maker until giving birth, at which point they hung up their heels and got a part-time job. Continuing on the same path didn't feel sustainable, both financially and emotionally, whilst also being a parent. It was only on discovering PiPA that Loose reflected on the external barriers that meant performing and parenting didn't feel like a viable option. Loose hopes that through working with PiPA, they can see more of these barriers dissolve and create a space where performers, like them, can keep on the path they have forged.


Loose is currently working as a Creative Community Builder with Culture Within Newham, the Arts Council England Creative People and Places project for Newham, East London.


"Parents can be found in all parts of society and so tackling the challenges that working parents face impacts everyone whilst simultaneously benefiting our next generation directly. I feel there is a real lack of awareness around the actual benefits of having parents in the workforce and I hope that we can start to shine a powerful light on performing parents and the richness they bring to the creative industries"