In 2019 PIPA and Federation Scottish Theatre secured a Workforce Equality Fund grant from the Scottish Government to work with third sector and commercial performing arts organisations in Scotland.
We are now making the Charter programme, resources and tools developed by PIPA accessible to Scotland-based performing arts organisations, building stronger connections with parents and carers working in the Scottish sector.
This rollout is being achieved in collaboration with The Federation of Scottish Theatres, National Theatre Scotland, Stellar Quines, Scottish Opera, Royal Lyceum Edinburgh and Edinburgh Fringe Society.

‘Coaching has encouraged me to re-evaluate the way I make things in general and potentially look to include it as part of our processes.’ Delegate at Scottish meeting

PiPA research echoes Creative Scotland’s 2017 Diversity in the Arts report, with both projects highlighting the exclusion of parents and carers, making the case for increased access and diversity - and providing an evidence-based platform for practical change.

PiPA Scotland - Resources

Help, support and guidance for parents + carers, performing arts practitioners and organisations based in Scotland.

PiPA Scotland - Events

Funded by Scottish Government’s Workplace Equality Fund, PiPA is working with Federation of Scottish Theatre and partners across Scotland sharing best practice, insights and resources, and establishing a network of performing arts organisations and individual practitioners focused on enhancing and galvanising local support for carers and parents in the sector.

Coaching Sessions for Parents & Carers

As part of our Scotland project, in collaboration with Federation of Scottish Theatres funded by the Scottish Government's Workplace Equality Fund, and our commitment to supporting the sector in the current moment, and for the long term, we are offering a free, hour-long and one-to-one remote coaching session for parents and carers working within dance, theatre, opera and music in Scotland.