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About the webinar:

Is your organisation looking to apply for Arts Council England’s (ACE) National Portfolio 2023 or Project Grants? Looking to strengthen your application and improve your delivery?

Learn how working with PiPA can support your organisation to embed the Arts Council England’s Investment Principles of both Inclusion and Relevance and Dynamism at our upcoming webinar:

When: 23rd Feb 22, 10am-11am

Where: Microsoft Teams



This webinar will introduce you to the Charter Programme, with a specific focus on how its framework and resources can support organisations to evolve to embed ACE’s Investment Principles.

We will be joined by Jo Dacombe (Fundraising and Development Consultant, ArtReach) who will share her knowledge and understanding of ACE’s new strategy and the contribution that Investment Principle Support Organisations can play in working towards them.

Why support Carers and Parents?

Parents and carers are a sub-sector of every protected characteristic. Addressing systemic barriers that exclude them from work opportunities and professional development will support your organisation’s long-term goals and help you work towards embedding the investment pillar of Inclusion and Relevance.

The Business Case

PiPA provides the infrastructure required by organisations to undertake the necessary data collection to identify gaps in policies and practices and provide data-driven insights. Using the PiPA monitoring and evaluation framework facilitates a continuous cycle of progress to inform strategy as a core element of the Dynamism Investment Principle.

PiPA’s Charter Programme

The Charter Programme currently supports over 50 performing arts organisations, including over 30 NPO’s to develop and implement dynamic and inclusive family-friendly working practices, to attract and retain a more diverse and flexible workforce. The Charter Programme offers a range of support suitable for organisations of all sizes and budgets.

The four-stage process follows the cycle of:

PiPA’s extensive toolkit and regular peer learning opportunities provide the support needed to deliver data-driven, strategic responses to Arts Council England’s Inclusion and Relevance and Dynamism Investment Principles.

To find out more about how supporting carers and parents delivers a more resilient and dynamic infrastructure, capable of meeting the changing economic, social and environmental factors of the next decade join us for the introductory webinar:

Join PiPA's webinar:

When: 23rd Feb 22 10am-11am

Where: Microsoft Teams

Can’t wait to learn more? Download our Charter Programme Information Sheet.

If you have any questions about the Charter Programme or the webinar, please contact matt@pipacampaign.com.