On Tuesday 31st October at 12 midday, families across the UK will march for better protections and support for mothers.

Organised by Joeli Brearly, founder of Pregnant Then Screwed, the demonstrations will take place in 6 cities - London, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow. People will dress up as mummies (the walking dead kind) to represent the archaic legislation that is in place to protect working mothers, and of course it's Halloween.

March of the Mummies are presenting the following requests:

  1. Increase the time limit to raise a tribunal claim from 3 months to (at least) 6 months
  2. Require companies to report on how many flexible working requests are made and how many are granted

  3. Give both parents access to 6 weeks parental leave paid at 90% of salary

  4. Give the self-employed access to statutory shared parental pay

  5. Subsidise childcare from 6 months old, rather than 3 years

PIPA welcomes government commitment to helping those with caring responsibilities achieve a work life balance that works for families and for the UK's thriving creative economy. At PIPA we know that there are huge untapped resources in the workforce - individuals who will contribute more effectively when caring commitments are more effectively managed in the workplace structure.

The march of the mummies is a timely campaign that helps raise awareness of the much-needed legislative changes that can help make positive change happen.

To find out more visit: Marchofthemummies.com