Catch up with PiPA Charter Programme Manager Matt Harper-Hardcastle talking all things PiPA in the Stage Management Associations' magazine, Cueline.

In 'A Better Future: Work, Caring and Covid', Matt highlights the particular difficulties that Parents and Carers have faced during the Covid-19 crisis. Nurseries and schools open and shut from one day to the next, and government restrictions often mean that parents and carers cannot rely on their usual network of extended family and friends to support them. Many are facing the difficult decision as to whether they can continue to work in the sector wihtout a detrimental impact to their families. Our DCMS survey published in June indicated that two thirds of the parents and carers that responded were already considering leaving the sector.

How can we move forwards and work together to ensure that when we build back, we build back better?

While 2020 has brought its own unique challenges, our Backstage Workforce Report, published in March 2020, demonstrated that working conditions for many were already incredibly tough. With a startling amount of respondents citing poor work-life balance, a lack of flexibility, involuntary and excessive overtime and last minute schedule changes, the report highlights an urgent need to consider new and more flexible ways to support Stage Management and all other backstage workers with caring responsibilities.

In response to these findings, Matt considers how the sector can move forwards and work together to ensure that when we build back, we build back better.

Read the full article here: 'A Better Future: Work, Caring and Covid'.