In June 2020 a PiPA survey found that 75% of parents and carers working in the performing arts were considering or already actively looking for other work and many were struggling make ends meet.

We highlighted a risk that women in particular will be lost to the industry and that single parents are being disproportionally affected. The survey also identified that working-class parents and those facing other forms of social exclusion are highly vulnerable and at risk of having to leave the industry.

Three months on, as SEISS and furlough come to an end, schools re-open and future plans for theatre and music venues are still uncertain, the challenges for parents and carers continue.

As our partners look to reopen their doors over the coming months, our work at PiPA is to ensure that that post-covid interventions are accessible and inclusive of carers and parents. Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey to tell us about the impact of Covid-19 on your work and family life.

As part of this survey we are investigating the impact of Covid-19 on people with parenting and caring responsibilities who face additional barriers in their careers due to race, gender, disability and/or socio-economic status. This intersectional approach enables us to understand the deeper complexities and challenges faced by many parents and carers in the performing arts.