PiPA sits at the heart of the performing arts, bridging the gap between the industry and parents and carers who work in it and we are committeed to amplifying your voices and needs.

Our co-CEOs Anna and Cassie set PiPA up because when their children were young there was no-one to talk to and each of them felt isolated and alone with their struggles. Since then we have been working with employers to make sure that when you become a parent or carer, there are resources available to help you and understanding to share the load so you don't have to make the heartbreaking decision that Cassie and Anna did to leave a creative career that you love, in order to support your family. 

We hope these interviews and blogs are helpful. This page is a work in progress that we will continue to update. We are committeed to representing the experiences of parents and carers from all walks of life so we can share and learn together. If you have a story to tell and would like to speak to us, we'd love to hear from you. Please email sabina@pipacampaign.com


  • Interview with musician Catherine Hopper about her role as a carer and how it has impacted her career



  • Podcast with Nina Malone, Rakie Ayola and Kyla Frye



  • Interview with Natasha Gilmore, Artistic Director of Barrowland Ballet 



  • Discovering Hidden Carers through Theatre: A Reflection on "Now, I See" by Lanre Malaolu



  • Interview with Tara McGirr: I didn't realise I was a carer



  • Interview with writer, director and actor Adura Onashile



  • Blog post by Emmy the Great: Her diary of touring with baby in tow



  • Interview with Muzz Khan, actor, DJ and father of twins



  • Blog post with Head of Production & Premises Ben Stephen on Shared Parental Leave 



  • Q&A with Michelle Terry and Rosalie Craig on Becoming: Part One, their project on entering motherhood



  • Blog by choreographer Patricia Okenwa on her piece Stabat Mater- Exploring Motherhood



  • Testimonial from actor Noma Dumezweni, and why we need to support parents and carers in our industry