Improving working conditions for parents is as much about supporting fathers as it is mothers and we are delighted to announce our PIPA Dads Ambassador, Hadley Fraser.

Hadley was working on St Joan at the Donmar Warehouse who gave him a week's 'Paternity Leave' when his daughter was born, on the first day of rehearsals, which he says was a life saver.

He says "I'm delighted to be joining PIPA's campaign to support parents and carers in the performing arts industry. It's only by opening up an industry-wide conversation about the challenges that performing parents face that these issues can be successfully addressed and confronted. PIPA has already been fundamental in engaging theatres, producers and employers in that conversation - I know to my own benefit - and so to be able to amplify the message and add my voice to the dialogue is a matter of great personal importance. Since my daughter was born I've felt keenly the needs of performing parents - out-of-hours childcare, an ever-changing schedule, compounded by financial instability. The more that issues like these are a regular part of contractual and professional understanding, the less of a challenge they'll represent. I'm incredibly proud to be a PIPA Ambassador."

Hadley is currently starring in Young Frankenstein at the Garrick Theatre