PiPA works closely with each of the organisations participating in our Charter Programme to enable them to implement family-friendly working practices. Each organisation is provided with a bespoke, strategic, measurable action plan to address under-representation in their organisation and inform the development of your business.

In order to make support for parents and carers in the performing arts as widespread as possible, PiPA also wants to share some of its expertise and guidance with organisations outside of our Charter Programme. See below for freely available resources and webinars, as well as more information about our Charter Programme.


PiPA Resources:

Remote Working Toolkit & Webinar

In partnership with Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre, PiPA has produced a comprehensive Remote Working Toolkit for employers in the Performing Arts.
This toolkit will help organisations identify the potential for remote and mixed model working and provide practical tips for implementation.

We also produced a free webinar offering employers the opportunity for a deeper dive into the toolkit, and included additional advice on practical implementation.

Webinar: Embedding Arts Council England Investment Principles with PiPA

Learn how PiPA's Charter Programme can support you to embed the Arts Council England’s Investment Principles of Inclusion and Relevance and Dynamism.



Building Foundations for a Flexible Future-Proofed Workforce Webinar

This webinar, presented in partnership with SOLT and UK Theatre and Birds Of Paradise Theatre Company, provides practical strategies and solutions to help organisations adopt a more flexible approach to supporting their workforce.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand how flexible working can help you attract and retain diverse talent at every level of the organisation
  • Identify practical strategies to increase business resilience through becoming a more family friendly employer
  • Be able to analyse a role for flexibility across all departments

Learning from Lockdown: Key Practices to Modernise the Way We Work Webinar

Hear from industry leaders about how they have successfully implemented the following family friendly, inclusive working practices:

  • On-stage job shares with New Adventures
  • Backstage job shares with Mercury Theatre
  • Family-Friendly Productions with National Theatre of Scotland
  • Principles of Creative Access with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company.

Become a Charter Partner

Becoming a Charter Partner gives you the blueprint, tools and policies you need to start implementing family-friendly working practices. If you would like access to more resources and our extensive network of organisations striving towards becoming a more inclusive employer get in touch to find out more.

By working in partnership with PiPA you will gain access to insights from our extensive programme of research as well as direct experience working with a range of organisations, each with their own remit.