PiPA is excited to be offering a series of professional development placements and opportunities at renowned performing arts organisations.

These opportunites are exclusively open to Yorkshire-based parents or carers in the performing arts who are freelancers, on short contracts or not currently in work, and who are further marginalised due to their ethnicity, cultural heritage or disability. 

(Clarification: by 'carer' we mean anyone looking after an elderly, sick or disabled adult or child)

Each placement or opportunity will take into consideration the successful applicant’s career goals, access needs and circumstances. A participation fee of up to £744.40 is available, and the opportunities will take place between April and July 2022. 

(Image credit: Balbir Singh Dance Company, captured by Malcolm Johnson)

The Professional Development Placements will be hosted at PiPA Partner organisations across Yorkshire. There are 14 organisations participating, including:  

  • Balbir Singh Dance Company 
  • Migration Matters Festival  
  • Utopia Theatre  
  • Tutti-Frutti Productions  

(see the Application Pack for the full list of participating organisations). 

The placements cover a variety of disciplines, including marketing, project management, touring management, producing and directing. 

There are specific professional development placements you can apply for, or you can apply to be part of the project more generally. If you choose the second option, you would be matched up with appropriate participating organisations or opportunities once enrolled in the project. 

Please note that due to funding requirements, to participate in this project you must be a parent or carer AND belong to a group which is under-represented due to ethnicity, cultural heritage or disability. 

If you have any questions about the project or how to apply, please email eleanor@pipacampaign.com, or attend our open coffee morning (details below). 

Deadline to Apply: Tuesday 3rd May, 10am.  

Download the Application Pack below for more information, including how to apply.   

* If you require any of the application materials in alternative format or wish to discuss submitting an application in an alternative format, please don’t hesitate to contact bryony@pipacampaign.com. Additionally, if you are unable to complete the Application & Monitoring forms in the given written format, please email bryony@pipacampaign.com. She can arrange a phone or video call to take down your answers. Bryony is not involved in the applicant selection process and all monitoring form discussions will be kept strictly confidential. 

All applications should be submitted to recruitment@pipacampaign.com

Application Materials: 

Application Packs Application Forms Equality and Diversity Monitoring Forms
Application Pack.doc Application Form.doc. Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form.doc
Application Pack (LARGE PRINT) Application Form (LARGE PRINT) Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form (LARGE PRINT)
Application Pack (EPuB) Application Form (EPuB) Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form (EPub)
Application Pack (Audio)    


If you are a parent or carer in the performing arts, you may be interested in this conversation between Balbir Singh (Artistic Director of Balbir Singh Dance Company) and Bobak Champion (freelance dance artist, choreographer and theatre-maker) on how their careers and artistic themes have changed since they became parents. Keep an eye out for little Mina too!