This International Women's Day, 8th March 2021, PiPA wanted to highlight some of the inspirational women that support and drive the PiPA Agenda. PiPA has been choosing to challenge for change since 2015, and we are very fortunate and proud to work with so many fantastic women.

Sarah Jackson OBE - Chair of PiPA Board of Trustees

Sarah Jackson OBE is an authority on flexible working, women at work, gender pay-gap. Having been the Chief Executive of the work-life charity Working Families for almost 25 years, and participating in several Government Working Task Forces and Company Boards, Sarah has been instrumental in shaping family-friendly policy, legislation and public attitudes for over two decades. In this video, Sarah shares her experiences and her hopes for the future of women in performing arts.

Indy Vidyalankara - PiPA Board Member

Indy Vidyalankara is a Communications, Brand and PR expert, and founder of Indypendent PR. Indy has worked in publicity across music, TV, and radio, and is currently Head of Communications at Tomorrow's Warriors. In this video, Indy discusses the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts sector, and how proud she is to be a part of PiPA's Board.

Stephanie Sirr - Vice Chair of PiPA's Board of Trustees

Stephanie Sirr is the Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse, winner of Regional Theatre of the Year in 2019. Stephanie has been on the Uk Theatre Board since 2015, and is an integral member of the PiPA Board. Here, Stephanie highlights the increasing importance of flexible working as a result of the pandemic, the difficulties facing freelancers, and PiPA's aspirations for the future.

Vick Bain - Treasurer of PiPA Board of Trustees

Vick Bain is author of Counting the Music Industry and Curator of The F-List, a comprehensive directory of all UK female and gender minority musicians. This is what she wished to say in relation to International Women's Day 2021 and PiPA.

"it has been a HUGE honour to be on the PIPA board for the past two years, working with some incredible people across the performing arts and who juggle their careers with being parents. It's a struggle to be a working parent but especially in music, dance and drama and PiPA are working to help make it more possible! They do fantastic, timely and essential work which is critical for parents, but especially mums. I am celebrating their work on International Women's Day".