Performing Arts organisations are struggling to recruit and retain freelancers, especially those with caring responsibilities, leading to talent loss and a skills shortage. 

In this PiPA webinar, filmed on 20th September 2023, we share insights and examples of practices that performing arts organisations have adapted to effectively engage their freelance workforce, thereby strengthening their business resilience through attracting and retaining diverse talent. 

Featuring Mark Heholt from Royal Opera House and Katherine Senior from Tilted Wig Productions this Webinar will highlight strategies and actions that will enable you to effectively attract and retain freelancers. 

This webinar is for you if: 

  • You're a performing arts organisation that wants to review and better understand the nature of its engagement with freelancers  
  • You want to develop a deeper understanding of the barriers preventing organisations from attracting a diverse range of freelance talent  
  • You want to learn strategies and actions other performing arts are taking to effectively attract and retain the freelance workforce 

For more information about how PiPA supports Performing Arts organisations to work with freelance parents and carers, please email