Many parents have now found themselves sharing their working day with their children, and depending on their age, may now even be wearing a home-schooling hat too. Single parent families may also be facing increased pressure at this time with limited access to support.

PiPA Director Vick Bain, former CEO of BASCA (now The Ivors Academy), has shared her tips and advice with the Incorporated Society of Musicians on how to balance working with looking after your children. Here is some of her advice:

  • Planning it seems is key to drawing up boundaries that benefit the entire household. 'A routine helps create structure for your day and allows them (and you) to plan your day, then utilise those evening hours for your professional work' says Vick.
  • As well as dividing up childcare into shifts to be shared with a partner, 'ask your partner to take the children to the park or for a walk while you take calls or teach online.'
  • Vick also highlights the benefits of using technology not only for work, but to enjoy online resources for entertainment and to facilitate studying.

​But not everyone has someone at home that they can share the load with. 'For many years I was a single parent with no family within 100 miles of my home' says Vick.

  • 'If you are a single parent, remember within the limits of the lockdown you are still allowed to take your children to their other parent, as these are deemed essential trips. So, if you have shared custody, when the children are out of the house, you could use this opportunity to focus on your work.'
  • She also discusses using this period of isolation to catch up on tasks such as 'manage your accounts; and upgrade your website and social media presence so you can build digital incomes,' or to apply for any funding that may be available.

Also sign-posted are some valuable charities whose vital work is continuing to provide much needed support to families during this Covid-19 crisis. Visit the Incorporated Society of Musicians to read the article in full.

For further information and support about Covid-19 and the performing arts, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus resources page.